Meet the Team
FCAT’s team of experts specialize in varied areas that include quantum computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, fintech, and socioeconomic trends.

Our team members regularly share their insights across Fidelity and through external speaking and media opportunities, interviews, wirting collaborations, and university engagements. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Aaron Smith

Innovation Ecosystem


Anjali Lai

Sociocultural Trends

Customer behavior


Bryan Dempsey

Product Design

Business Innovation

Chris Parsons

Software engineering

Chuck Collins

Technology Commercialization

University Research

David Bracken

New Business Foundations

Online Community

Future of Work

Deanna Laufer

Sociocultural Identity

Sociocultural Trends

Trust + Privacy

Dmitry Bisikalo

Frank Friel

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Business Applications

Jamie Barras


Next Gen Interfaces


Jason Ward

Blockchain Ecosystem

Fixed Income


John Dalton

Deep Tech

Jorge Nario

Vision and Leadership

Business development

Kristin Kanders

Innovation Portfolio

Marketing & Communications

FCAT Engagement

Laureen Ouellet

Emerging Business


Luke Paxton



Generative Design

Megan Kelley

Emerging Ideas

Michael Dascal

Nikhil Murgai

Data Science

Machine Learning

Richard Murphy

Entrepreneurship mentoring

Startup collaborations

International Innovation Ecosystems

Ryan Stuebe

Digital Assets

Bitcoin Mining


Seth Brooks

Blockchain & Crypto Operations


Travis Beaulieu

Machine Learning

Digital Currencies

Environmental Economics

Vanessa Kargenian

Blockchain Adoption


Public Policy

Will Reed

Creative Direction

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)

Design Thinking

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