The blockchain team explores and builds technical capabilities to bring the benefits of decentralization, scaling, and security forward to Fidelity and its customers.

“We educate and inspire the broader Fidelity enterprise and most importantly, create new capabilities for the enterprise to bring to scale. We’re focused on use cases that will enhance the customer experience.”
- Jason Ward, Head of the Blockchain Incubator

Bits & Blocks

The Bits & Blocks Club builds and reinforces the blockchain community across the firm but also outside the four walls of Fidelity. The club hosts meetings, events, and challenges to facilitate skill development in blockchain, digital assets and related technologies.

Digital Asset Tracker

The Digital Asset Tracker (DAT) is an easy-to-use app that aggregates and tracks your cryptocurrency portfolio and includes key privacy features to protect your information. Use DAT to securely view your holdings, asset allocation, market data and more.


Hosts Jason, Jack, Ryan and Parth follow the world of blockchain and crypto assets closely – markets, technology trends, business news, and community controversies. Every week, the team synthesizes the news you need to know to prepare you for what’s next.

Projects & Observations


Tracking Blockchain Health

By: Sophia Li, Joshua Chen, et. al | April 22, 2024
This research paper establishes a quantitative framework to test the relationship between blockchain network health metrics and digital asset prices. With a better understanding of the blockchain metrics that impact native token prices, investors might more appropriately focus their research and generate a differentiated investment thesis.
By: Matt Ehlers | January 17, 2024
Jack might have the perfect job for a guy who loves to talk crypto. Sure, he’s one of the hosts of the FCAT Crypto Brief podcast, but that’s only for 30 minutes a week. The rest of the time? He’s still neck deep into crypto as a researcher with Avon Ventures, which invests in startups that are innovating in the crypto space.
By: Will Baxter | January 8, 2024
We sat down with Mahesh Ramakrishnan, an early-stage venture investor, to discuss how crypto economies are recreating physical world infrastructure. Dubbed “DePIN,” Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks are an exciting application of public blockchains that start to answer the question: “Well, why crypto?”


Blockchain Female Founders Panel

In honor of Women’s History Month, FCAT held a dynamic panel discussion where three inspiring women, Jessica Van Meir, Nicole d'Avis, and Hannah Shen share their insights for blockchain enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Heat Energy Transfer from Crypto Mining

Smith college engineering students are walking the talk when it comes to innovation. These students collaborated with FCAT associates to build a prototype for heat energy transfer from #crypto mining.

Vespene Energy’s Methane Mitigation Strategy

Adam Lavee discusses Vespene’s efforts to mitigate methane using decentralized compute, including Bitcoin mining.

Blockchain Journey (so far)

FCAT team members are available for speaking opportunities and interviews.

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