Committed to staying on the cutting edge, the emerging technology incubator explores nascent technologies to understand the applicability and future potential to the financial services industry. By focusing on the technologies of tomorrow, this team helps prepare Fidelity for the next wave of technology that can reshape the way business is conducted.

About the Incubator

This team identifies, evaluates, and communicates the potential of cutting-edge technologies across Fidelity. By rapidly constructing proofs of concept using technologies, such as game development, edge compute, spatial computing, generative AI and more, the incubator showcases practicality, functionality and viability to the firm. It focuses on various technological domains, including next generation user interfaces, infrastructure, and critical enablers, to build a foundational approach that can help teams across Fidelity adopt emerging technologies quickly and efficiently.

Building a Fortnite Experience

At first glance, it might not seem like Fortnite would have a place within Fidelity. But take another look. Succeeding at Fortnite can require communication, teamwork, and ingenuity, qualities that can help associates build their careers.

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Proofs of Concept

Jarvis Hand Gesture Data Discovery

Navigate through live stock index data, charts and trends using a hand tracking camera that allows you to use your hands to interact with the digital interface.

FCAT Fest in Fortnite

A custom, virtual game built using the Epic Games Unreal Editor for Fortnite to experiment with social gaming technology as a new channel where Fidelity associates can interact collectively as a community.

3D Data Visualization

Using mixed reality headsets, the Data Nodes application is a 3D data visualization that shows how a user can discover more insights about their data by invoking the z-axis.

Emerging Technology Journey

FCAT team members are available for speaking opportunities and interviews.

Opportunities are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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