Nate Rand


Nate Rand, Product Manager for FCAT’s Blockchain Incubator, is passionate about blockchain technology having dedicated many years of his career learning, experimenting and deploying it to make financial markets more accessible and efficient. Nate has worked with institutional investment managers, trading firms and market infrastructure providers to create new operating models that strike a balance between regulatory compliance and new, digitally enabled capabilities. He has also had the fortune of starting a company that developed a cryptographically secure, internet enabled, distributed database software to address the struggle that companies face to simultaneously protect sensitive data, respect privacy and confidentiality, while allowing for the performance of business activities. Nate holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Bates College and a Master of Business Administration degree with a focused concentration in finance and leadership from Boston College. His career has been defined by his innovative spirit to create, build and solve problems for a variety of purposes in the financial markets.


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